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24/7 Dispatch: 1-800-391-4869
Our fleet on the Tennessee river.
Chickamauga Lake
Destin, FL
Guntersville Lake
Nickajack Lake
Panama City, FL

Customer Testimonials


Chris Coleman

“While fishing with my son in his first tournament ever, my motor blew up right after we had blasted off that morning. If you could have seen the look of excitement in his face quickly turn to disappointment when I had to tell him that our day may be over before we even had a chance to get started, it would have broken your heart. After weighing out all my options and not wanting my son to remember his first tournament as a bad experience, I called a friend of mine to bring me another boat and then called TowBoatUS to pull mine back to the ramp we had launched from. Within minutes, the tow boat was there and I was able to swap boats and they pulled mine back to the ramp for us. We went on to win the tournament and my son not only learned how to compete, but learned as an angler you must be able to persevere and overcome all the obstacles that we face day after day. Thanks to TowBoatUS for being there when I needed them the most.”


Camden Scearce

"I wrapped a tie rope around the motor and broke the steering cable, apparently a common mistake by new boat owners. We were rescued promptly, politely, and competently by Capt. Shane Wilson. The six of us had a peaceful tow back to our dock on a beautiful full-moon lit night. I recommend the towing insurance for everyone! Perhaps the best "investment" I made when we bought the boat."

Tim Mullins

"They did a great job and Capt. Shane took extra care to not damage my boat while preparing to tow me back to the dock. As long as I own a boat I will use your service. Thanks so much."

Stuart Cohen

"On time as always. No problems at all. Very pleased with service."

Robert and Ann John

"The BoatU.S. towing service was excellent as expected. Our boat would not start after refueling. We were towed back to our marina where the Capt. was very pleasent. A very happy experience. Money well invested in BoatU.S. services. Thanks, Robert and Ann John, members since 1992."

Ralph Johnson

"Thanks you so much for helping us that beautiful day. We had lots of fun swimming. When we called BoatU.S., they came out to get us started and made sure we reached our destination, the marina, where we store our boat. We won't be without BoatU.S. Thank Capt. Shane for us."

Kent Overbeck

“Captain Shane Wilson was extremely nice and helpful. I was back in my home slip in less than 4 hours after my call. This included him locking through a dam twice, coming and returning. I wish I could have him follow me around on all of my cruises!

Angela Smith

“This was actually our second tow from Capt. Shane Wilson and each time he was professional, courteous, and efficient. He represents your organization very well. Quite frankly, we couldn’t have asked for a better towing experience.”

Laurence Brown

“Excellent response, fully prepared for after dark tow in strong currents. Good situational awareness.”


Harry Shultz

“Quick and efficient service. He was very careful with my boat so as not to cause any damage. Everyone who owns a boat should have TowBoatU.S.”

Rick Beard

“What a great experience this was. It turned an aggravating situation into a pleasurable one. We were broke down a few miles from our home port so we called BoatU.S. and we had a safe and comfortable tow back to port.

I am so glad that I have unlimited towing. I have told many friends that they need to join BoatU.S. and get the unlimited service. It saved me a bunch of money. Thanks to Capt. Shane O’Neal for a professional job. Well Done!”